LEGAL ALLIANCE Lawyers in Munich with 40 years of competence

As a LEGAL ALLIANCE lawyer with national and international experience, I, Dr. Michael Scheele, and my team are at your disposal in Munich, Berlin, Hamburg and Dubai. In 2018, an English news magazine named us in a list of the TOP 100 lawyers in Germany. We are represented by our of-counsel lawyers in over 20 countries.

Our range of services extends to all legal issues and problem areas in all countries which the network takes care of. It helps to secure investments, promote trade and other business relationships and to clarify cases of inheritance law. LEGAL ALLIANCE works with auditors, tax advisors, management consultants and IT specialists at home and abroad.

The range of LEGAL ALLIANCE’s legal services is available to private individuals, business people, companies, public institutions, lawyers, auditors, tax advisors, management consultants and government agencies at home and abroad.

The specialist fields of LEGAL ALLIANCE lawyers

Although LEGAL ALLIANCE is able to tackle everyday but also complex unusual legal and fiscal problems in various legal fields, it specialises in the following fields:

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Munich lawyer – Legal Alliance’s clients at a glance

LEGAL ALLIANCE’s clients in Germany and abroad include companies, financial institutions, investment funds, commercial enterprises, manufacturers, retailers, foundations, executors, artists, actors, film and television production firms, Internet companies, sportspeople who are advised and represented both in private and business matters. The briefs involve all aspects of corporate life from bank transactions to the entertainment industry, from transport law to publishing law, from real estate matters to cases of libel or defamation. The success of our lawyers, in Munich first and foremost, is confirmed by impressive testimonials .

Not only a lawyer in Munich, the advantages of team players

For LEGAL ALLIANCE, taking care of clients as individuals is at the heart of its own business policy. This is why each client is allocated a lawyer who enjoys the client’s particular trust.

If the scope and the legal complexity of the respective case necessitates the involvement of several experts, this lawyer is responsible for selecting and coordinating these colleagues, whose expert caretaking is required.
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In which countries do we act as your lawyers?

The LEGAL ALLIANCE network consists of lawyers from at home and abroad; lawyers who are familiar with the law, the language, the mentality and the business practices in the respective country who have made a name for themselves as lecturers or speakers as a result of legal publications.

These also include lawyers in the MENA states (Middle East/North Africa) cooperation partners in more than 20 countries who bring their knowledge, their contacts and their experience to the LEGAL ALLIANCE network.