Breaking News: Dr. Scheele addresses Washington Post about new Trump fake-news

Like so many other people, not only journalists, the author of the Washington Post article “Trump turns to Europe far right as he detains Latin American children”, Ishaan Tharoor, has accused the US President of trying to justify the cruel family separations at the US-Mexico borders with fake figures about crimes, allegedly committed by migrants in Germany. The CEO of Legal Alliance, Dr. Michael Scheele, has commented the revealing article in an open letter to the Washington Post author. Read More

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Breaking news: New privileges for foreigners in Dubai

The governments of Dubai and Abu Dhabi decided on May 20th 2018, that investors and talented people are eligible for a 10 years residence visa.

Also, business people will soon be able to own 100% per cent of their companies in the UAE contrary to only 49% per cent today. These new rules make the Emirates even more attractive for foreigners than ever before.

On May 20th 2018 the rulers of Dubai and Abu Dhabi announced the launch of an integrated visa system aimed at attracting professionals and talented people in all vital sectors with a 10 years UAE residence visa. Students can get a five years Visa. The Cabinet also announced changes to the foreign ownership system of companies in the UAE approving a decision allowing 100 per cent ownership of UAE based enterprises for international investors (until today only 49 per cent ownership was possible).

The new laws will be implemented by the end of the year. Read More