Legal Of Counsels – Germany

Some of the “of counsels” of the Legal Alliance Team are qualified lawyers in Germany, lawyers who have an in depth specific knowledge and experience, who will be consulted from case to case, if and when additional advice is needed:

Jürgen Berners
Dr. Ekkehard Heinze
Elissa Jelowicki
Fabian Karg
Linda Kim
Dr. Alexander Kuhn
Matthias Nienhaus
Frank Tyra


Rechtsanwalt Jürgen Berners, München

Rechtsanwalt Jürgen BernersJuergen studied law at the Universities in Saarbruecken and Cologne. He was admitted to the Bar in 1995 and is specialized in labour law and tax law. His focus of legal activity includes also company law, inheritance law, international business law.

Juergen is also admitted to the Bar in Austria.

Focus of legal activity
  • Employment Law
  • Tax law
  • Company law
  • Inheritance law
  • (international) Business law



German, English


Dr. Ekkehard Heinze, LL.M., München

Ekkehard has studied physics and obtained his PhD in physics in Leipzig and has later studied patent and trademark law in Berlin and at the Open University Hagen. He was an in-house counsel in a scientific organisation and has now been a German Patent Attorney and European Patent and Trademark Attorney for more than 25 years. He is specialised in the national and international legal protection of innovative products and in the enforcement of the corresponding protective rights (patents, trademarks, and designs), as well as in the licensing thereof.

He has extensive experience in advising and representing start-ups and medium-sized companies, as well as global players, in patent office and court proceedings. His work and experience is focused on, inter alia, drafting and implementing patent and trademark strategies and on the solution of patent and trademark conflicts. As a managing partner of the IP law firm Meissner Bolte he can rely on a highly qualified infrastructure and has excellent worldwide contacts, among others to the U.S. and to all Asian industrial and emerging economies.



English, German


Attorney at law Elissa Jelowicki, München

Rechtsanwältin Elissa JelowickiElissa studied law at the University of Edinburgh whereby she obtained a Masters degree. Elissa completed her legal practice court at BPP Law School in London.
Main professional positions at home and abroad

Elissa has worked as a solicitor for various law firms in London and since 2015 in Munich, as “Of-Counsel” for Legal Alliance since 2016.
She is admitted as solicitor in England and Wales since 2010. Since being admitted to the Rolls, Elissa has worked on a number of high profile cases in the High Court in London. In addition, she has also negotiated and acted in various Mergers & Acquisitions involving cross border issues.

Focus of legal activity
  • Commercial & business law
  • Media & technology law
  • Litigation and Arbitration
  • Insolvency


Track Record
  • Elissa’s litigation experience is vast. She has worked on various British litgation and US/German litigation disputes and has acted in all aspects of arbitration (including drafting of correspondence, legal memorandums of enforcement in multiple jurisdictions, legal submissions)
  • Elissa has also advised a high net worth Defendant in relation to fraud claim worth US $ 500m in the Commercial Court in London brought by a major Islamic Bank, which resulted in a three-week trial



English, French, German


Rechtsanwalt Fabian Karg, München

Rechtsanwalt Fabian KargStudium der Rechtswissenschaften an der LMU München
Zulassung als Rechtsanwalt seit 2012
Zulassung als Syndikusrechtsanwalt seit 2016
Main professional positions at home and abroad

Senior Consultant International Tax bei einer Big 4 Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft
Syndikusrechtsanwalt für den Bereich Internationales Steuerrecht bei einem bayrischen Maschinenbauunternehmen

Focus of legal activity
  • Unternehmenssteuerrecht
  • Internationales Steuerrecht
  • Umsatzsteuerrecht
  • Allgemeines Steuerrecht



German, English, Französich

Rechtsanwältin Linda Kim, München

Linda KimBorn 1976
Commenced her legal studies at the University of Hamburg
Admitted to the Bar at the chamber of lawyers in Hamburg since 2005
Awarded the “specialist solicitor in transport & shipping law” in 2009


Main professional positions at home and abroad

Worked as an associate in law firms in Hamburg and Munich
Collaborated with the office of the district attorney in Santa Barbara, California (USA)

Focus of legal activity
  • Transport and shipping law
  • Insolvency law
  • General civil law


Track Record
  • Counseling and representation in legal issues of transport, including commercial law, maritime law, liability law
  • Dispute resolution in matters of bill of landing
  • Regress claims regarding alternating, multimodal carrier through B/J
  • Due Diligence reports on issues of transport law
  • Counseling in matters of insolvency



German, English, Koreanisch

Rechtsanwalt Dr. Alexander Kuhn, Bad Nauheim

Dr. Alexander KuhnAlexander commenced his legal studies at the University of St. Petersburg (Russia) and the University of Gießen (Germany). He was admitted to the Bar at the chamber of lawyers in Germany 1997, and completed his doctorate in 1984 (St. Petersburg).

Alexander is also a scientific assistant at the Institute of Finance an Economy (St. Petersburg), and lecturered at the same Institute (1986 – 1990), in addition, during this time he was also an associate in a top five law firm (Germany), Independent, self-employed lawyer since 1999.)

Focus of legal activity
  • International business and commercial law
  • Private international law
  • Company & contract law
  • Law of the former CIS states, in particular law of the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan



Russisch, German, English

Rechtsanwalt Matthias Nienhaus, Hamburg

Rechtsanwalt Matthias NienhausMatthias commenced his legal studies at the Universities of Bochum and Münster, and was admitted to the Bar at the chamber of lawyers in 1987.
Main professional positions at home and abroad

Matthias acted as a Lawyer in Hagen until 1991, then as corporate in-house Counsel and CEO of the publishing company Gruner – Jahr (1991 – 1996)
Matthias was also an Associate of Scheele & Partner law firm in Hamburg (1996 – 2003)

Independent, self-employed lawyer in Hamburg since 2003

Focus of legal activity
  • Business and company law
  • Tax law
  • Law regarding financial offenses



German, English

Rechtsanwalt Frank Tyra, München

Rechtsanwalt Frank TyraAs a German qualified lawyer (Rechtsanwalt) Frank is providing legal counsel exclusively in intellectual property rights (IP) since more than fifteen years. His core business is the so-called “soft IP”, i.e. trade marks and other symbols, designs, copyright and related rights as well as the right against unfair competition. In 2007 the Cologne bar association allowed him to bear the title that indicates his qualification as a certified specialist IP lawyer (Fachanwalt für gewerblichen Rechtsschutz). After almost one decade of working with a renowned IP boutique law firm in Cologne he started managing their Munich branch office in autumn 2011.

In 2017 he joined the Legal Alliance network

Frank is working for commercial enterprises of each size (individual enterprises, SMEs, corporations) with a multifaceted mix of trades and industry (e.g. ophthalmic optics, energy supply, gastronomy, household goods, cosmetics, foodstuffs, smokers supply, slate, personal protective equipment). Besides legal advice on IP matters his work includes representation of clients not only in proceedings concerning registered trade marks and designs before the German Patent and Trademark Office (headquartered in Munich), the Federal Patent Court (placed in Munich), the European Union Intellectual Property Office and the World Intellectual Property Organisation, but also concerning all IP matters before all district and appeal courts in Germany, including pre-litigation cease and desist procedure, preliminary proceedings, post-litigation negotiation and settlement.



German, English