Rechtsanwalt München

Of counsel network

The cooperation with collegues in the United Arab Emirates and many other lawyers in the MENA and GCC countries was extended. The other focus is put on Eastern Europe, where we have successfully consulted, mainly for small and medium size enterprises, since 1991.

But Legal Alliance will, from now on, offer more than “only” legal services. The self-conception of the advocacy has changed considerably in the last years. We don’t consider ourselves any more “only” as legal advisors. The Business lawyer is also much asked for connecting business opportunities.

And it is this demand, which we consider to be an important goal of our “of-counsel” network. With the asstistance of our “of-counsels” we connect enterpreneuers, national and international.

Those enterpreneurs, who are eager, to benefit from a global operating economy (e. g. license or distribution rights, joint ventures, venture capital, purchase of real estate or companies).