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Employment lawyer in Munich

As a result of its historic background as a protective right of employees, employment law has a special position in general civil law and corporate law. LEGAL ALLIANCE takes into consideration this special position with the special employment law department.

As employment law, in addition to codifications and the different employee protection regulations is significantly characterised by case law, a consistently high quality standard can be guaranteed in consultancy solely by permanent ongoing training of our lawyers.
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Our focuses as an employment lawyer in Munich

We advise and represent our clients in all areas of employment law from dismissal protection to the severance agreement, from the employment law termination agreement to the drafting of employment contracts.

Our range of services as an employment lawyer

The activity of the responsible lawyer relates in particular to:

  • Relocation, termination, written warnings, severance, references
  • Time limits, leave of absence
  • Part time, working time, overtime, annual leave
  • Illness
  • Career training
  • Severe disability
  • Pregnancy, parental leave, parental pay
  • Christmas bonus

Employment law – your rights in good hands

It is advantageous if a lawyer is involved from the outset of severance negotiations. He verifies in particular the effectiveness of an already pronounced termination, if applicable, in order to enable his respective client realistic evaluation of the severance amounts under discussion.