Rechtsanwalt München

Attorney at law for family law in Munich

Attorney at law Dr. Scheele has 40 years of experience in national and international divorce law. He has lectured in seminars, together with judges and psychologists and has published numerous books about family law.

What is subject of family law?

Engagement, marriage, rights and obligations of spouses, matters regarding the education of children, liability for debts of a partner, special, marriage related issues regarding inheritances, alimony, issues related to household, child custody.

The family law governs the peculiarities of the cohabitation of spouses as well as the specifics of separation.

The legal practice is subject to permanent changes, continuing development, which requires highest standard in professional attention.

Our services as lawyers for family law in Munich

Our service offer includes in particular:

  • divorce
  • arrangements regarding all issues related to a divorce
  • separation agreements
  • marriage contracts
  • right of custody
  • child support
  • alimony for a spouse
  • right to information regarding alimony
  • issues regarding common law marriage
  • contracts for extra-marital cohabitation
  • legal advice regarding the claims for goods acquired during marriage
  • compensation for ownership in real estate

What is the purpose of the Dusseldorf table in family law?

The Dusseldorf table was drafted by the Higher Regional Court of Dusseldorf, further higher regional courts and the German family court and is a maintenance guideline in jurisprudence. The first version was published in 1962 and has been continually further developed ever since. The Dusseldorf table also encompasses complementary maintenance guidelines of the regional higher regional courts, for example the South German guideline here in Munich. The objective is the best possible and broadly applicable maintenance jurisdiction which takes into account the interests of all parties and facilitates the process.

Who bears the costs of a lawsuit in the family law field?

The issue of who needs to bear the costs of a family law dispute is often unclear. It is possible to distinguish between three regulations here:

Cost revocation, i.e. division of court costs between the spouses is applied to lawsuits in the field of separation, custody or pension rights adjustment. The solicitors’ costs of both parties, which each party needs to bear for himself, must be distinguished from court costs.

In the case of lawsuits relating to child and spousal maintenance or the process of offsetting accrued gains, the inferior party in the legal dispute shall bear the entire costs of the lawsuit. This not only affects court costs, but also the solicitors’ costs incurred by both parties must be borne by the loser alone.

If the legal dispute is partially won or lost, a proportionate assessment of the costs occurs, i.e. proportionate division of costs between both parties, according to who has “proportionately” won or lost.