Economic and corporate lawyer in Munich

Corporate and economic law is one of the core competencies of our lawyers. The globalisation of market activities also requires comprehensive legal caretaking, nationally and internationally, of medium-sized companies. This not only relates to cross-border transactions in the EU, which needs to take into account the constantly changing policies of the European Union, but also in particular contracts with business partners outside of the EU.
Anwalt München

Our focuses as lawyers in the field of economic law and corporate law in Munich

We advise and represent well-known domestic and foreign companies of all sizes in the field of national and international economic law. Our focuses are in the fields of Mergers & Acquisitions, company cooperations, restructuring of companies in all legal matters. On a case by case basis, LEGAL ALLIANCE lawyers, tax advisors and auditors cooperate in an interdisciplinary manner to achieve the required economically, legally and fiscally optimum solution.

We also take care of you as an international economic lawyer

LEGAL ALLIANCE employees have also already proven their professional experience and their commitment largely within the scope of activities in the states of Europe and in the MENA region. The available language knowledge enables smooth communication and cooperation with the cooperating foreign lawyers and with domestic and foreign clients in a total of 14 languages.

Thanks to the establishment of modern communications technology in all German LEGAL ALLIANCE offices, the clerks at the head office in Munich are also constantly available to the remaining LEGAL ALLIANCE colleagues in Berlin, Hamburg, Dubai and foreign cooperation lawyers