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Presentation of the law firm

LEGAL ALLIANCE is a firm of lawyers and tax counselors in Munich (headquarter) Berlin and Hamburg, specialized in business law, corporate and commercial law, mergers & acquisitions, media law, (intellectual property, copyright, press), tax planning, law of financial services, insolvency law and cross border transactions. To meet the self-determined high quality standard of professional service, LEGAL ALLIANCE employs and cooperates only with lawyers and accountants who have proved their qualifications by above average university degrees and/or doctors degree in law. All members of the professional staff speak at least one foreign language.

LEGAL ALLIANCE clients in Germany and abroad include publicly and privately held commercial enterprises, financial institutions, investment funds, trade associations, professional firms, manufactures, retailers, utilities, foundations, trusts, estates, artists, actors film-video-and television production companies as well as record companies, sportsmen and other individuals (in personal as well as business matters). We are involved in the broadest spectrum of industries; from banking to entertainment, from transportation to publishing, from real estate to cases of defamation.

LEGAL ALLIANCE emphasizes individual involvement and lawyers are personally committed to clients' interests. In case of every client, one lawyer is responsible on an overall basis for the continuing relationship between client and LEGAL ALLIANCE. With a view to the efficient, cost-effective handling of each matter that the client may entrust to our care, that lawyer oversees the strategy of its disposition. When the scope of a matter demands the attention of more than one specialist, or when its nature is such, that personnel at more than one level of experience can produce the best result for the client, that lawyer will be responsible for assembling the most economical mix of partners, associates and legal assistants to attend to it. As a result, clients are assured not only of access to appropriate expertise, but of personal continuity as well.

Although client needs are addressed in every instance on an interdisciplinary basis, we are organized into seven departments: Corporate, Labor, Media (including Press-law), Personal Planning, Real Estate Tax, cross border transactions.

LEGAL ALLIANCE corporate department counsels domestic, multinational and foreign based enterprises on all aspects of German and international law. We represent clients in negotiated and contested transactions, including mergers and acquisitions, equity investments, leverages buyouts, tender offers and proxy contests. In dealing with the fiscal, employment, antitrust, environmental, bankruptcy and other aspects of these transactions, our corporate lawyers have ready access to specialists based in other LEGAL ALLIANCE departments - particularly Tax, Real Estate, Labor and (when contests may be involved) Litigation.

LEGAL ALLIANCE intellectual property and media department has a broad range of domestic and international capabilities directed at securing, perfecting, defending, enforcing and exploiting various forms of intellectual property. Services include license and franchise contracts (including those related to trademarks and rights of publicity) counseling on trade secret and computer law, trademark and copyright registrations and trust- and estate- planning services for owners of intellectual property. We serve on issues relating to entertainment- and communications-industry, mergers and acquisitions, labor, tax matters, contract disputes and many other matters.

A special attention is being given to press-law, where LEGAL ALLIANCE has - traditionally - represented only those clients, who were affected and damaged by false and defaming press or television reports or by online defamation.

LEGAL ALLIANCE cross border department has counseled domestic, multinational and foreign based enterprises in such countries as Poland, Ukraine, Yugoslavia, Russian Federation, Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania, Croatia, Georgia, United Arab Emirates. Since 2012 special attention is given to the MENA countries (Middle East/ North Africa).

The need for legal services in the Golf region is increasing for the following reasons: Two processes which will determine the development of relationships with the MENA countries are taking place simultaneously – the increased pace of economic internationalization, which is proving to be the driving force behind global growth and the transformation of the economic and state structures in those countries.

These processes require that those active in the Middle East and North Africa economies double their efforts to adapt. Some MENA countries must undergo complicated reforms, move to private ownership and develop market economy whilst being exposed to increasingly keener global competition. Western companies investing in individual MENA countries must confront varying speeds of reform, changing infrastructures and unfamiliar cultural factors, all of which complicate even the choice of location.

In future, legal and strategic consultants in this field will have a truly multi-cultural bridge building role. This will differ significantly from the role of consultants advising on exclusively Western matters. It will be necessary to assist companies and institutions to reduce the insecurity arising from structural change and to build up a basis of mutual trust, despite great differences in levels of development.

The LEGAL ALLIANCE-Network is a team of German and foreign lawyers based in the Munich Office, in Dubai and other important Cities around the globe. Lawyers, who are experienced and familiar with the law, the language, the mentality and business attitudes in the respective countries. Lawyers some of whom lecture on and are recognized as authorities on international legal issues. Additionally, there are lawyers in branch offices of LEGAL ALLIANCE as well as co-operation partners, in total of 15 countries, who put their knowledge, contacts and experience at the disposal of the LEGAL ALLIANCE Network. The service deals with all legal issues arising in those countries where the network is present. The network assists in protecting investment, promoting and developing trade and other business relationships, clarifying inheritance and estate issues.

The LEGAL ALLIANCE benefits from the support of domestic and foreign chartered accountants tax advisers and computer specialists. It also works closely with national and international management consultants.

The services of these lawyers, including legal consultation and representation are offered to individuals, business people companies, management consultants, government departments, public institutions and other law firms in Germany and abroad.


Lawyer Dr. Michael Scheele

Dr. Michael Scheele


Dr. Michael Scheele was admitted to the bar in Munich in 1977, became member of the lawyer association in St. Petersburg (Russia) in 1991 and was licensed as legal consultant in Dubai (UAE) by the Ruler´s Court. He has advised numerous companies, which operate nationally and internationally in commercial issues as well as national and international artists in matters of media and press law. Dr. Scheele is also working as columnist for various newspapers and magazines and has published himself several popular scientific books as editor as well as author.

He studied law at the University of Munich (LMU) and Stetson University (Deland, Fla, USA) and was awarded Doctor of law 1978 (civil procedure law). From 1979 until 1989 he was accredited Honorary Consul of the Republic of Seychelles (jurisdiction Germany). Also he founded the citizens` group “Fair Press” and acted as member of the constitutional committee of the Republic of Albania.

In 2015 Dr. Scheele joint the law firm Meyer-Reumann (Dubai, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran) as an off-counsel-non equity Partner.


German, English (state approved translator for business English), French

Focus of legal activity:

National: private law, company law, press law, commercial criminal law

International: incorporation of companies, funds, onshore and offshore in the UAE, joint-venture contracts, franchise, M&A

Track Record:

  • consulting and representation of companies and artists in matters of media and press law
  • trusteeship for multinational corporate groups in Eastern Europe (Russian Federation, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Georgia)
  • counseling and contract design in matters of acquisition and shareholding during the process of privatisation in Eastern Europe
  • Legal Due Diligence opinion for various enterprises
  • incorporation of corporate enterprises in different sectors
  • foundation of funds and offshore companies
  • defense in matters of commercial criminal law
  • counseling in international tax law
  • franchise contracts, national and international
  • assistance and participation in elaboration of laws on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Albania

Rechtsanwältin Anastasiya Quirling, Associate, Standort München

Anastasiya Quirling


Jahrgang 1983
Studium der Rechtswissenschaften in München, Praktikum bei dem Stadtgericht in Sofia (Abteilungen für Zivil- und Strafsachen), Referendariat am OLG München, Zulassung zur Rechtsanwaltschaft 2010

Wesentliche berufliche Stationen im In- und Ausland:
Mitarbeit in mittelständischen Kanzleien in München
Beratung von Startup-Unternehmen für Produkte der Nanotechnologie

Seit 2010 Rechtsanwältin bei Legal Alliance


Deutsch, Englisch, Bulgarisch, Russisch


  • Presse-, Medien- und Äußerungsrecht
  • Gewerblicher Rechtsschutz, Wettbewerbsrecht, Urheberrecht, Markenrecht
  • Familienrecht
  • Erbrecht
  • Arbeitsrecht
  • Mietrecht
  • Insolvenzrecht einschließlich AnfG
  • Allgemeines Zivilrecht

Track Record:

  • Beratung und Vertretung zahlreicher Prominenter bei der Durchsetzung von Unterlassungs-, Gegendarstellungs-, Widerrufs- und Geldentschädigungsansprüche gegen On- und Offline Medien
  • Beratung und Vertretung in äußerungsrechtlichen Angelegenheiten
  • Beratung und Vertretung von Einzelpersonen und Unternehmen bei der Durchsetzung und bei der Abwehr von urheberrechtlichen, wettbewerbsrechtlichen und markenrechtlichen Ansprüchen
  • Beratung und Vertretung in Scheidungs- und Folgesachen
  • Vertretung in Verfahren nach dem GewSchG
  • Beratung und Vertretung in erbrechtlichen Angelegenheiten einschließlich der Auseinandersetzung von Erbengemeinschaften
  • Beratung und Vertretung von Arbeitnehmern und Führungskräften in arbeitsrechtlichen und dienstvertragsrechtlichen Angelegenheiten
  • Beratung und Vertretung in insolvenzrechtlichen Angelegenheiten und bei der Durchsetzung von Ansprüchen nach dem AnfG


1. Gesellschaftsrecht, Unternehmenskauf – M&A

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2. Start ups, Beteiligungen, Finanzierungen

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3. Internationales Recht

3.1. Investitionen in Osteuropa

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3.2. Veröffentlichungen über MENA-Staaten

United Arab Emirates
  • Pre-In Cooperation Contracts in the UAE
  • Effects of the New UAE Company Law, Federal Law No. 2/2015
  • Substantial Rise for IPRs Registration Fees in United Arab Emirates
  • UAE Trade Marks Office puts an end to examination reports and filing a TM-Application without PoA
  • Criminal Aspects of Bounced Cheques Under the UAE Law
  • Dubai Customs wins CIO 50 Award 2013 for Best IT Systems
  • A new Chapter in Rental Disputes in Dubai
  • Dubai extends DIFC Court Jurisdiction
  • Turning Point for Dubai’s Developer?!
  • Legal Framework of the UAE-Polish Bilateral Relations
  • New Rules and Changes on the UAE-Labour Market
  • Trademark Protection at Dubai Customs
  • Virtuzone - UAE's latest Free Zone
  • When driving with a Local or a Foreign Driving License in the UAE?
  • Environmental Laws of Oman
  • Iran Sanctions Update: January 2015
  • Iran Sanctions – Where are We and What We should Expect Next?
  • Welcome to the Iran Seminars 2015 in Germany!
  • Iran Sanctions – The Nuclear Deal with Iran Agreed
  • Setting up Business Establishment in the Islamic Republic of Iran
  • Tax System in the Islamic Republic of Iran
  • Protection of Intellectual Property Rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran
  • Free Trade-Industrial Zones and Special Economic Zones in the Islamic Republic of Iran
  • Iran Sanctions Update: January 2014
  • Iran Sanctions Update July 2014
  • The Product Liability in the Legal System of the Islamic Republic of Iran
  • The Enforcement of the International Arbitral Awards in the Legal System of the Islamic Republic of Iran – Part I
  • The Enforcement of the International Arbitral Awards in the Legal System of the Islamic Republic of Iran - Part II
  • Importation of Foreign Products into Iranian Market
  • Trade Relationships between the United Arab Emirates and Islamic Republic of Iran
  • Dissolution and Lquidation of Joint Stock Companies in Iran
  • The Impact of International Boycott Rules against Iran on the Iranian Business of the Foreign Establishment in the Islamic Republic of Iran
  • Economic Cities in Saudi Arabia
  • Severance Payment based on the Iranian Labour Law
  • King Abdullah Spending US$ 128 Billion in Benefits for the Saudi Citizens
  • Nitaqat, the New Localization System for Jobs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • International Sanctions as Instances of Force Majeure from Iranian Law Perspective
  • Legal Procedure and Information on Obtaining Iranian Work Permit and Business Visa
  • Lobbyism - a ‘conditio sine qua non’ for Successful Business in Saudi Arabia
  • The Communication and Media Commission in Iraq (CMC)
  • The Communication and Media Commission in Iraq (CMC)
  • Setting-Up an Insurance Company in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq
  • Trademark Protection in the Kurdish Region of Iraq
Saudi Arabia
  • Overview on the Governance System in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • March 2015: New Changes at the Conditions/Structures for Practicing Contracting in Saudi Arabia
  • Real Estate Funding in Saudi Arabia
  • The Criteria and the Adequate Compensation for a Saudi National as Lobbyist in Saudi ArabiaGuiding Principle
  • “Nazaha” – Fighting Corruption in Saudi Arabia
  • New Amendments to the Saudi Labour Law with a View of Reducing the Expatriates Working Unofficially
  • Specialized Courts to Implement Verdicts in Saudi Arabia
  • The Rules of Succession and the Related Rules of International Private Law in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • The Controversy Over the New Draft Amendments of the Egyptian Litigation Fees Law
  • The Egyptian Cheques
  • Consequences of Changes of Egypt Government in the field of Legislation
  • Highlights on Public Private Partnership in Egypt
  • Investment Progress in Egypt
  • Egypt after Mubarak, An Economic Outlook
  • Child Custody in Egypt
  • After the Egyptian Revolution, will an Economic Revolution follow?
  • Development of the Islamic banking industry in Oman
  • New restraints on the employment visa issuance procedure in Oman
  • Legal Notes on Tendering in the Sultanate of Oman
  • U.S.-Oman Free Trade Agreement
  • Knowledge Oasis Muscat – Public Establishment for Industrial Estates
  • Free Trade Zones in Sultanate of Oman
  • E- Tendering Service in Oman
  • Expatriate employments in the private sector in Oman
  • Possibilities for Foreign Investors in Qatar
  • Intellectual Property Rights Border Measures in Qatar
  • Changes in Qatari Foreign Investment Law
  • World Cup 2022 will boost the economy in Qatar
  • Public Procurement Law in Qatar
  • Qatar - Accession to the Patent Cooperation Treaty
  • Kuwait Joins Paris and Berne Conventions and Convention
  • New Labour Law in Kuwait
  • Introducing a Cybercrime Law in the GCC
  • Bounced Security Cheques as Evidence in Criminal Cases
  • Trademarks Registration in the GCC – Data and Facts
  • Patents Registration in the GCC – Data and Facts
  • New Trademark Law in the GCC
  • The 10th edition of the Nice Classification for trade mark applications
  • 2017: Railways Network Connecting the GCC States
  • Res judicata in Sharjah Rent Law
  • New Trademark Filing System in Lebanon
  • One Number for the Trademarks in Yemen
  • Oil as an important sector in Yemen's Economic
  • New Patent Law in Yemen
  • The Important Advantages of the Yemeni Investment Law
  • Medical Supply and Tender Business in Jordan
  • New Draft Patent Law in Syria
  • The new Companies Law in Syria?

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5. Erbrecht

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6. Anwaltshaftung

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7. Arzt- und Medizinrecht

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8. Presserecht

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Allianz Versicherungen, AKS (Produktionsfirma) Altvater (Entsorgungsanlagen u. Container), American Express, Armatix, Auto König, Bankhaus Aufhäuser, Beate Uhse GmbH, Blue Homes, Botzenhardt & Ehlers (Architekturbüro), Chandon Handelsgesellschaft mbH, Danhofer (Bauunternehmer), Danilo Silvestrin (Innenarchitekt), Davidoff, Deutsche Vermögens-Anlagengesellschaft DVAG, Deutsches Theater, Edeka (Lebensmittel), EM Industrie Consulting, EM-Entertainment GmbH (Merchandising), Europ-Hotels, Euro-Internats-Beratung (Vermittlungsagentur), Flughafen München GmbH, Formula Müller-Wohlfahrt Health & Fitness AG (Pharmazie), Gelsenwasser, Geyer, Greengate (Dubai), Kopierwerke (Film+Fersehen), HAMG (Hasan Ismaik), Hammer Hans (Architekturbüro), Heidelberger Zement, Heino Stamm (Innenarchitekt), Holderbank (Schweiz), Holiday rent a car, Horizontal GmbH (Möbelhandel), H'ugo's Bar, Pizzeria IDP Interior Design u. Planungs GmbH, Ingenieurbüro Fleischer, Key Biscayne BV (Tennisveranstalter & Eurocard Open), Kühne Tennis Consulting GmbH, Lucky 7 (Agentur), Lufthansa Air Plus (Kreditkartenunternehmen), Marbeton (Fertigbauteile), MBM Montage Bau Meyer GmbH (Telefonbau), Meditrans Helicopter Service, Moet-Hennessy (Handelsunternehmen), Mörlein Moden (Textilien), Moser Kliniken, Mucos (Pharmazie), NBV Leasing GmbH, PCL Leasing, Phoenix Rohstoff Trading (Großhandelsunternehmen für Rohöl), Pro Natura (Lebensmittel, Pharmazie), Prodrive (Sport und Event Marketing), Rank Xeroc (elektronische Geräte), Reuter (Künstleragentur), REWE (Lebensmittel), Roland Berger & Partner (Managment-Consulting), Sarah Kern, Scoop (Agentur für Merchandising), Seidensticker GmbH (Textilien), Serviceplan (Agentur), START (Werbeagentur), Stinnes AG, Tivi Group (Tiriac Holding), Touristenverband Hochschwarzwald, Wolff Promotion (PR Agentur) World Sport Marketing (Vermittlung von Lizenzen, Sponsoring im Profi-Tennis), Zambo Media


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Artists, sportsmen

Alexander Cejka (Golf Profi), Amanda Lear, Anke Huber, Anja Kruse, Anneliese Rothenberger, Arnz Alexander (Regisseur), Bernhard Wicki, Bibi Johns, Birgit Schrowange; Carlo Tränhardt; Charles Mohamed Huber; Christian Neureuther; Corinna Drews; David Coverdale (Deep Purple, Whitesnake); Desirée Nosbusch; Elisabeth Volkmann; Fritz Wepper; Gil Ofarim; Goran Ivanisevic; Guilia Siegel, Gunter Gabriel; Hansi Hinterseer, Hansjürgen Felmy; Howard Carpendale; Ingrid van Bergen; Jean Marie Pfaff; Jürgen Prochnow; Karin Thaler; Katja Ebstein; Klausjürgen Wussow; Knut Kiesewetter; Konstantin Wecker; Marianne & Michael Hartl; Marianne Mendt, Marianne Sägebrecht; Michael Jackson; Mike Krüger; Monika Lundi; Nina Ruge; Otto Retzer, Penny Mc Lean; Peter Weck, Phil Collins; Raimund Harmstorf; Ramona Leiß; Reinhard Fendrich, Roberto Blanco, Rolf Schimpf; Sascha Hehn; Siegfried Lowitz; The who (Band); Thomas Gottschalk; U2 (Band); Wolfgang Ambros, Wolgang Herles, Wolf Wondratschek

non-commercial institutions

Betriebsrat Deutsche Bank (München); Betriebsrat Messerschmidt Bölkow Blom (MBB); Betriebsrat Panavia (Luftfahrt Konsortium); Deutsche Angestellten Gewerkschaft (DAG); Fair Press, Bürgerinitiative; Generalkonsulat der Republik Slowenien (München); Generalkonsulat der Republik Türkei (München); Generalkonsulat Russische Föderation (München); Malteser Hilfsdienst; Ökologisch Demokratische Partei (ÖDP), Bundesverband; Republik Türkei; Verband der Filmarchtitekten; Verein für Volkswohnungen, Verein zum Erhalt der Bayerischen Wirtshauskultur


January 2016

Dr. (phil.) Thomas J. Wirth, attorney at law, admitted to the bar in Nice (France) and Munich, is joining the team of Legal Alliance in Munich as of February 1st 2016.

He is a scholar of the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and made a name for himself as a corporate lawyer, as a speaker and consultant regarding multilateral financial systems. Amongst others he has acted as advisor for the German Government in matters related to the European Stability Mechanism (ESM).

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Legal Alliance Rechtsanwalts GmbH
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Fax: +49 (0) 89 41 94 65-66

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Speicherung von Zugriffsdaten

Bei jeder Anforderung einer Datei aus dieser Internetpräsenz werden Zugriffsdaten gespeichert. Jeder Datensatz besteht aus: der Seite, von der aus die Datei angefordert wurde dem Namen der Datei dem Datum und Uhrzeit der Anforderung der übertragenen Datenmenge dem Zugriffsstatus (Datei übertragen, Datei nicht gefunden etc.) einer Beschreibung des Typs des verwendeten Webbrowsers Anfragende Domain. Die gespeicherten Daten werden ausschließlich zu statistischen Zwecken ausgewertet, eine Weitergabe an Dritte, auch in Auszügen, findet nicht statt.

Personenbezogene Daten

Innerhalb dieser Internetpräsenz besteht die Möglichkeit, uns personenbezogene Daten zu übermitteln. "Personenbezogene Daten" sind Informationen, die genutzt werden können, um Ihre Identität zu erfahren. Darunter fallen Informationen wie Ihr Name, Adresse, Postanschrift, Telefonnummer, eMail-Adresse.

Hinsichtlich Ihrer personenbezogenen Daten weisen wir gemäß § 33 BDSG darauf hin, dass diese nach Maßgabe der anwendbaren Datenschutzbestimmungen gespeichert und/oder übertragen werden. Im übrigen werden personenbezogene Daten absolut vertraulich behandelt und nur mit gesonderter Zustimmung an Dritte weitergeleitet.

Wir weisen Sie ausdrücklich darauf hin, dass der Datenschutz in offenen Netzen wie dem Internet nach dem derzeitigem Stand der Technik nicht vollständig gewährleistet werden kann.

Wir wissen das Vertrauen zu schätzen, das Sie uns entgegenbringen, und wenden äußerste Sorgfalt an, um Ihre persönlichen Angaben zu schützen. Wenn Sie Fragen haben, können Sie sich auch direkt an uns wenden.

Urheber- und Kennzeichenrecht

Legal Alliance Rechtsanwalts GmbH ist bestrebt, die Urheberrechte der verwendeten Grafiken, Tondokumente, Videosequenzen und Texte zu beachten, selbst erstellte Grafiken, Tondokumente, Videosequenzen und Texte zu nutzen oder auf lizenzfreie Grafiken, Tondokumente, Videosequenzen und Texte zurückzugreifen. Alle innerhalb des Internetangebotes genannten und ggf. durch Dritte geschützten Marken- und Warenzeichen unterliegen uneingeschränkt den Bestimmungen des jeweils gültigen Kennzeichenrechts und den Besitzrechten der jeweiligen eingetragenen Eigentümer. Allein aufgrund der bloßen Nennung ist nicht der Schluß zu ziehen, dass Markenzeichen nicht durch Rechte Dritter geschützt sind! Das Copyright für veröffentlichte, von Legal Alliance Rechtsanwalts GmbH selbst erstellte Objekte bleibt allein bei Legal Alliance Rechtsanwalts GmbH. Eine Vervielfältigung oder Verwendung solcher Grafiken, Tondokumente, Videosequenzen und Texte in anderen elektronischen oder gedruckten Publikationen ist ohne ausdrückliche Zustimmung durch Legal Alliance Rechtsanwalts GmbH nicht gestattet.


„Diese Website benutzt Google Analytics, einen Webanalysedienst der Google Inc. („Google“) Google Analytics verwendet sog. „Cookies“, Textdateien, die auf Ihrem Computer gespeichert werden und die eine Analyse der Benutzung der Website durch Sie ermöglicht. Die durch den Cookie erzeugten Informationen über Ihre Benutzung diese Website (einschließlich Ihrer IP-Adresse) wird an einen Server von Google in den USA übertragen und dort gespeichert. Google wird diese Informationen benutzen, um Ihre Nutzung der Website auszuwerten, um Reports über die Websiteaktivitäten für die Websitebetreiber zusammenzustellen und um weitere mit der Websitenutzung und der Internetnutzung verbundene Dienstleistungen zu erbringen. Auch wird Google diese Informationen gegebenenfalls an Dritte übertragen, sofern dies gesetzlich vorgeschrieben oder soweit Dritte diese Daten im Auftrag von Google verarbeiten. Google wird in keinem Fall Ihre IP-Adresse mit anderen Daten der Google in Verbindung bringen. Sie können die Installation der Cookies durch eine entsprechende Einstellung Ihrer Browser Software verhindern; wir weisen Sie jedoch darauf hin, dass Sie in diesem Fall gegebenenfalls nicht sämtliche Funktionen dieser Website voll umfänglich nutzen können. Durch die Nutzung dieser Website erklären Sie sich mit der Bearbeitung der über Sie erhobenen Daten durch Google in der zuvor beschriebenen Art und Weise und zu dem zuvor benannten Zweck einverstanden.“


Sofern Teile oder einzelne Formulierungen dieses Textes der geltenden Rechtslage nicht, nicht mehr oder nicht vollständig entsprechen sollten, bleiben die übrigen Teile in ihrem Inhalt und ihrer Gültigkeit davon unberührt.

Sollten Sie Anregungen oder Kritik zu unserem Internetauftritt haben schicken Sie uns eine E-Mail an folgende E-Mail-Adresse:
info (at) legalalliance (dot) com

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