War crime in Yemen? Legal Alliance supports prize winning film maker

On 26th of August 2017 at 2 am an air strike by the Arab/Saudi led coalition killed a whole family in the Yemen city of Sana. Only Buthania, a five year old girl, survived. 11 months later the Jordanian film maker Nisreen Sbeihi Noman was awarded 1st price at the International Madrid Film Festival for her documentary about this tragedy.

Buthania’s fate became famous all over the world, because, when interviewed by a journalist, she opened her right swollen eye with her fingers, in order to see, who was talking to her. This picture went viral. People all over the world took pictures of themselves with their fingers opening their right eye, to demonstrate solidarity with the children of Yemen. Dr. Michael Scheele, CEO of Legal Alliance accompanied the filmmaker Nisreen during the award ceremony at the festival in Madrid and is promoting her film and this remarkable award in European media. TV stations such as AL Jazeerah, BBC and CNN have already covered this story…

See the CNN report here:

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