Breaking News: Portugal – Residence permit for EU-Schengen countries through secured investment

Portugal’s Golden Resident Permit Program allows unlimited travelling in all EU-Schengen countries, if applicants meet (or exceed) a minimum stay of only seven days (for the first year) and 14 days during the subsequent two years periods. Legal Alliance of-counsel in Portugal can assist effectively, also in searching and suggesting the adequate investment. weiterlesen

Rechtsanwalt München

Anastasiya Quirling, a Bulgarian attorney at law has become partner of Legal Alliance, Munich

Anastasiya Quirling

Eight years after Mrs. Quirling (34) joined Legal Alliance as an associate lawyer she became partner in the international boutique law firm. She had once graduated from the renowed “Ludwig Maximilian University” (LMU) with superb results and has an impeccable record of achievements. weiterlesen

Breaking News: Cyprus – low taxes and fast procedure of approval of residency and citizenship applications make this EU country the favorite destination for investors from third countries

Cypress is not only a preferred tourist destination. The island state offers the fastest possible EU-citizenship, the lowest possible taxes and free trade within the EU for any investor from third countries. Legal Alliance of-counsel attorney in Cyprus can assist effectively, also in finding tailor made investments. weiterlesen

War crime in Yemen? Legal Alliance supports prize winning film maker

On 26th of August 2017 at 2 am an air strike by the Arab/Saudi led coalition killed a whole family in the Yemen city of Sana. Only Buthania, a five year old girl, survived. 11 months later the Jordanian film maker Nisreen Sbeihi Noman was awarded 1st price at the International Madrid Film Festival for her documentary about this tragedy. weiterlesen