Halal produced sparkling wine without any alcohol is conquering the market

Legal Alliance has been mandated to find investors and/or distribution partners – worldwide – who are interested to cooperate with an Austrian producer of 100% non-alcoholic (Halal) sparkling wine, that is already conquering the market in the Muslim World.

According to researches from institutions the global non-alcoholic beverages market, which had a valuation of USD 1.435.25 billion in 2013 and will reach

USD 1.937.73 billion

by 2020, propelling the consumption from 912.77 billion liters to 1.289 billion liters. Despite a clear definition of the target group for Halal produced non-alcoholic sparkling wine, the producer (client of Legal Alliance) excludes almost no one as potential customer, thereby accumulating up to 3.9 billion people worldwide, who can be considered potential customers.

Legal Alliance can organize investments in this company for € 250.000,00 or more. Also, on behalf of the client, Legal Alliance is looking for cooperation/distribution partners in the Muslim community – worldwide.

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