German nanotechnology on its way forward – world wide

Nanotechnology in construction and rehabilitation of roads has proven to be superior to the conventional way of building or improving infrastructure. A German Company, client of Legal Alliance is looking for partners – worldwide.

Products, based on a nanotechnological innovations, can improve the quality and durability of roads, reduce the construction costs and time and the CO² emissions. Only three of the many USPs, which have changed the world of infrastructure.

The unique combination of polymers together with nano-scaled components improve the cement reaction, leading to higher compression strength, to greater elasticity and to a prevention of elutriation.

The German company is looking for partners, offering partnership (JV) or licensing in the designated countries, in particular – but not only – in the MENA and GCC countries and in all the Maghreb states. Legal Alliance is mandated, to conduct interviews with interested parties.

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