Breaking News: Investment in Germany opens the door for a residence permit

Financing a film project or developing business activities as a shareholder in a renowed German TV & film company can open the door for a residence permit. Legal Alliance is mandated to look for adequate investors.

Germany is not only the strongest economy in Europe. It also offers opportunities to receive a residence permit for citizens from third countries (other than EU, Switzerland, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway), provided the applicant is prepared to invest and to exercise a business

  • activity, both of which
  • must be of economic interest or meet a regional need
  • must have a positive effect on the economy
  • must prove the solid financial basis of the applicant/investor

In other words, different to a number of EU countries, who consider a real estate investment (of € 500.000,00 or more) to be sufficient in order to award a residence permit (or even a citizenship) Germany “does not look for money” but for qualified investment in – what is considered – to be “useful”.

Legal Alliance can offer a variety of such investment opportunities, which are likely to meet the requirements for a successful application. Just recently Legal Alliance was mandated, to offer its clients abroad the investment in a renowed film & TV company. “For as a little as € 250.000,00 (on a loan basis) an applicant can pave the way for a Schengen residence permit”, says Dr. Scheele, CEO of Legal Alliance.

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